Local Stories

We R Nuts

In 2006, Pearl Omphelius and her son Kody started selling the candied nuts they’d been making forever as a side hustle, selling at farmers’ markets and on show routes while also working full-time jobs and going to school. As Pearl and Kody refined their product offering and their business model, they steadily grew the business, Learn more 


Yoga Me Blac

Taminka Jones has been a practicing yogi for over a decade, receiving her 200-hour RYT and numerous other certifications. In 2018 she turned that passion into a business, starting Yoga Me Blac to open up “access to liberating and conscious yoga practice to people of color”. Offering a mix of group classes and private lessons, Learn more 


What’s Pop-In Gourmet Popcorn

After spending over two decades as a chef, Stefan Coker decided to put his culinary and business skills to work in a slightly different business venture: gourmet popcorn. He did it for many reasons, but starting a business around a product his kids loved was one of the strongest influences. He wanted to show his Learn more